Why Vegvisits?

We created this community to make traveling easier for vegans and vegetarians, and connect like-minded people from around the world. But it’s also a great way for those who are veg-curious to stay with hosts who can share first-hand how they made the switch. Here’s some of the top reasons why using Vegvisits takes traveling to a whole new level.

Feel more at home
Sitting half-way across the world, looking 6 months down the road, you can give a nice sigh of relief as you plan your trip. You share something in common with your host. It isn't just food. It isn't just a deeper awareness.
Technically strangers at first, but feels more like bumping into someone from your same small town or 'old neighborhood'. There’s a familiarity that jumps out, and you want to talk for hours. It's like you know each other, without ever having met yet. It's a great feeling, and just an overall more comfortable and relaxing way to travel.
Get the low-down
You’ll be shown around like the new kid on the block. Farmer’s markets, hiking trails, yoga classes, meditation spots, eco-friendly shops, you name it. And you can always trust your host to know the best vegan food in the area - after all, they live here!
Learn something new
Whether it’s a new lasagna recipe, a cheaper way to buy produce, or an entirely new way of eating, you can learn how another person in the world 'does vegan'.
Other services
Hosts on Vegvisits often offer other services such as private yoga instruction, personal training, massage therapy, juice cleanses, and nutrition counseling. Whether it’s a whole-foods, plant-based cooking demo, a 3-course vegan dinner, or a 90 minute yoga class each morning, these extras can really make your trip a life-changing one.
Never sacrifice your lifestyle
Eating out can get old. With all the oil, salt and processed foods served at restaurants, it’s nice to know that, wherever you find yourself in the world, you can use a kitchen equipped with everything you need to make your favorite meals, save money and also feel your best.
You’re on safe ground
You open the fridge and there’s cut up mangos, grapes, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, fresh squeezed OJ, leftover cauliflower rice, salsa and guacamole. No need to strategically plan out breakfast, lunch and dinner to avoid awful smells and sights. And you have free reign to use utensils, plates, pots/pans, etc. - all worry free from how they were used prior to your arrival.
Breakfast you can eat
Vegvisits hosts often serve breakfast, either for free or a little extra. You wake up to your meal conveniently waiting for you, so you’re ready to get out there and seize the day (or just chill, up to you)!
The little things
Many of our hosts are also conscious about other non-food related products they buy, to make sure they’re healthy for humans, the environment and also not tested on animals. Natural detergents, cleaners, and air fresheners are also common, but if you’re allergic to the commercial stuff, just ask to be on the safe side!
Save money
Hosts on Vegvisits frequently charge less than they do on other platforms because they want to support our big family. You pay for the trip securely online through Vegvisits, so you’re protected and don’t have to worry about it once you get there.
Just in case
In addition to detailed host profiles, reviews, and ID verification, all accommodations on Vegvisits are carefully screened and verified. So it’s easy to feel comfortable with every booking you make.
Support others like you
With Airbnb, your money can be used to buy a Big Mac 24 hours after check-in. When you rent from hosts on Vegvisits, you’ll be helping out others more like you who are likely to support environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free businesses.
Lean on me
We're a minority group, but at times it can feel like it’s us against the world, especially if you’re the lone vegan in your circle of friends and family. It's just really cool to connect, share stories and have that first-hand experience that there are others out there... and know you’re not alone.