Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1) How are you different than other home-sharing sites?

Home-sharing in general is a cool and exciting concept for both travelers and hosts. It empowers people around the globe, and makes traveling an enjoyable, peaceful, exciting and affordable way to see the world, brimming with the life that both guests and hosts bring to the experience!

However, what really sets Vegvisits apart is primarily our emphasis on a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. This focus helps to meet many practical needs for both vegan and vegetarian travelers and hosts.

As a guest, you have the luxury of inside knowledge on the top produce markets, grocery stores, restaurants, hiking/nature sites and any other relevant attractions or tips. If you enjoy cooking, you’ll have either a vegan or vegetarian kitchen to prepare your meals and also the capability of searching for listings based on kitchen appliances (i.e. blender, juicer, dehydrator, large salad bowls), instead of carrying your entire kitchen with you as you travel!

As a host, in addition to meeting a diverse set of people from around the world and earning extra income, the platform can really set your mind at ease. You can list your space as either vegan or vegetarian, and rest assured that your kitchen and home will stay just as you like it!

It’s also just pretty cool to meet people from around the world who share this lifestyle. We interact with people all day long who most likely don’t share it. But when you rest your head at night in a new place, or open the doors to your home, you should be feel at peace. A home is a deeply personal place - whether you’re opening up your own or a guest in one, rest assured that your way of life will not only be understood, but appreciated!

2) I am not vegan or vegetarian - can I still use Vegvisits?


Yes, of course! We are not an exclusive group and welcome everyone who is curious about the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle to travel using Vegvisits. However, all guests are required to keep their accommodation meat-free at all times, and if the kitchen is vegan, free of any animal products. So even though you do not necessarily live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you agree to follow one (according to the House Rules of the accommodation) when inside.


However, to be a host on Vegvisits, you must be vegan or vegetarian, and your accommodation's kitchen must either be vegan (no animal products) or vegetarian (meat-free, both from the land and the sea) prior to your guest's arrival and throughout the stay. 


3) How will you ensure hosts are truly vegetarian and/or vegan?


We thoroughly screen all of the accommodations on Vegvisits to ensure that hosts are at least vegetarian. 


The culture of the community is really about connection, honesty and friendship. Be as open and genuine as possible when creating your profile, and look for the same when reaching out to a host. While there is no set way of guaranteeing whether someone is a vegan or vegetarian, the community relies heavily on the overall feel created from a mixture of profiles, reviews and the initial dialogues you have with hosts prior to making bookings.


We trust most people will only use Vegvisits who are genuinely interested in the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, but we reserve the right to terminate anyone’s account that is found to misrepresent him/herself.


4) Can I still host or travel during COVID-19?

Yes! We have added guidelines for hosts and guests to follow to ensure everyone's wellbeing, as well as created new features for hosts to include in their listings to let travelers know that they have implemented the recommended safety measures to make sure their accommodations are safe for all guests.

5) Do you guys offer the option of a background check?

All of our members are able to verify their identities (free of charge!) by 1) uploading a profile photo and 2) submitting a government issued ID, such as a driver's license or passport. Having your photo ID verified is an easy way to strengthen your profile and prove to other members that you are trustworthy. Your information will never be shared and is immediately deleted after verification.

To submit your photo ID for verification:

1) Log in or create an account with

2) Click on the circular picture on the top right of the platform, select Edit Profile from the dropdown menu, and then Profile Photo to the left.

3) Once you’ve uploaded a profile photo, select Trust and Verification on the left

4) Upload your government issued ID.


If your photo ID is approved, you will be notified and your profile will be updated to show you’ve been verified.


6) How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account by just sending us an email at and we will do it as soon as possible!


7) How do I create a great profile?

As we don’t have the luxury of meeting in person, the profile is the heart and soul of the community. It is how you’ll be communicating with everyone as well as your future hosts and/or guests. Definitely take your time with filling it out!

1) Picture – Including a picture in your profile adds an important human element to your page. It makes hosts and guests viewing your page more comfortable, as they are able to put a face to your words, reviews and services, adding a more personal dimension.

2) About you – The profile includes many topics about yourself that you have the option of filling out. They were all created with the intention of helping you to open up to the community and share more about who you are. The more questions you answer, the more comfortable users will be with you, and the more use you will be able to get out of the platform.

3) Verifications – We have a number of verifications that you can add to your profile to make it easy for other members to trust who you are, including having your ID verified. 


To edit your profile, click on the circular picture at the top of the screen, and select Edit Profile. To add verifications to your profile, select Trust and Verification to the left.

Host Questions


1) How can I become a Host on Vegvisits?

Check out our 6 Steps to Hosting on Vegvisits, and email us at with additional questions!

2) What are the requirements that each listing needs to fill?

All hosts on Vegvisits must be either vegan or vegetarian. For hosts to list their accommodation, the requirement is simple and strictly enforced:

For vegetarian listings - accommodations must be free of all meat (both land and sea) at the time of guest arrival and throughout the entire guest stay.

For vegan listings - accommodations must be free of all animal-based food products at the time of guest arrival and throughout the entire guest stay.

This is the bare bones minimum that each listing has to fulfill in order to list on Vegvisits. Other features, such as vegan cosmetics (body wash, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergents, dish soap, etc.) and vegan furniture, although often reflective of our host's values anyway, are not enforced but definitely a huge plus!

3) My kitchen has been used to cook meat, can I still list it?

As long as the kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned, and throughout the entire guest stay is either 1) free of all animal-based products (vegan listing) or 2) free of meat from both land and sea (vegetarian listing), you can list your accommodation on Vegvisits.

If the kitchen has been used to cook meat (for example, if you list your place on Airbnb), separate vegan-only cookware (cutting board, knives, pots, pans, baking tray, utensils and plates) are highly recommended and strongly encouraged.

Our community is still very small, and although more and more people are adopting a plant-based lifestyle, it may be tough for vegan and vegetarian hosts to keep their accommodations vegan 100% of the time. Since we are here to bring the vegan community together, we don't want to make it impossible for anyone to host. We'd still much prefer they host on Vegvisits and be supported by our community than not at all.

4) What are some tips for taking photos of my listing?


Photos are the first thing potential guests look at when considering you place, and what will eventually make or break their decision to book with you. Without question, listings with beautiful photos receive more interest and bookings, so grab your smartphone and follow these helpful tips!


5) Is there a cost to using the Vegvisits platform to host?

Creating a listing is 100% free. When a guest books with you, we’ll take a 3% service fee that covers the cost of transferring online payments from your guests securely to you. That’s it. Since we want to attract the best listings on Vegvisits, and appreciate every host who opens up their home to vegan and vegetarian travelers, we’ve decided not to charge our hosts anything extra but just cover our costs.


6) Do my family and I have to be vegetarian to Host on the Vegvisits platform?


At the very least, in order to list your home on Vegvisits, you and anyone else living in your home must be committed vegetarians. Essentially, the entire home needs to be free of all animal meat. The same rule applies for listing a vegan accommodation – you and everyone living in the home must be committed vegans, as there cannot be any animal-based food products in the home aside from pet food.

The heart of our community is centered on vegetarianism and veganism. There is a deeper shared camaraderie amongst the community based on these lifestyles that we hope you consider and respect before listing.

7) What types of accommodations can I list on Vegvisits?

You can list almost all types of accommodations on Vegvisits - from an entire beach house or private room to a couch in a shared living space or a tent outside. We also accept listings for vegan and vegetarian work exchange, B&Bs, boutique hotels, retreats and more.


8) Can I create multiple listings for additional rooms and/or properties?

Yes! For each space that guests can book, you must create a separate listing. We do this so that each listing shows the correct price, availability, pictures, information and reviews for that specific accommodation to make sure that guests know exactly what they are booking and to ensure you’re paid the correct amount.

9) How can I list more than one room in the same property?

You must create a separate listing for each additional room. Each listing is for ONE space, so if you have multiple rooms or properties, you must create a listing for each one.

10) How do I get paid?

All you need to do is set up a payout method to get paid. To get started, login to and click on the circular picture on the top right of the platform. Select Account Settings from the dropdown menu. Then you will see the option to add your preferred payout method. Select the one that works best for you depending on where you live. To read more about payouts, please see our Payouts FAQ. If you have any trouble, please email us at, and we’ll help get you set up!

11) When do I get paid?

We start the payout for our host on the day of check-out so that we can provide support until the very end, in case a refund needs to be made according to the host's cancellation policy. Depending on your preferred method of payment, the funds may take a few additional days to be reflected in your account. For more information, see our Payouts FAQ.

12) How much should I charge per night?

We recommend keeping the nightly price low at first until you get your first few reviews. Listings with reviews attract a much higher rate of views and bookings. So keep the price low, and once you have 2-3 good reviews, then raise the price to your desired amount.

There are many different ways you can think about pricing your accommodation - whether it’s helping out fellow vegans and vegetarians, considering your own budget and living expenses, or putting yourself in guests’ shoes and deciding what you would pay to stay there for the night. You can also check out other listings in your area on Vegvisits (or even Airbnb), to make sure your price is competitive with others.

13) How do cancellations work for Guests?

Hosts can select from three different cancellation policies on Vegvisits:

1) Flexible: For a full refund, cancellations must be made a full 24 hours prior to 3PM of the listing's local time on the day of check in.

2) Moderate: For a full refund, cancellations must be made a full 5 days prior to 3PM of the listing's local time on the day of check in.

3) Strict: For a 50% refund, cancellation must be made 7 full days prior to 3PM of the listing's local time on the day of check-in.

You can click on the cancellation policy of interest to read more about the terms. Depending on the cancellation policy you choose, and when a guest cancels a booking, Vegvisits will automatically pay you and refund guests the appropriate amount.


14) What if I need to cancel as a Host?

Hosts are strongly discouraged not to cancel a booking, as this is a huge inconvenience to guests who no longer have a place to stay. But we understand life happens and sometimes things come up that are unavoidable. To cancel a reservation: 

1) Go to Host at the top of the platform

2) Select Your Reservations

3) Click on the Cancel link for the confirmed booking you wish to cancel

4) Leave a message for your guest and confirm the cancellation

If you cancel a booking after a guest has already arrived, the guest will be refunded for the nights not stayed.

Please note: If you cancel three times in the same year, you may have your rights to host on Vegvisits suspended.

15) Can I require a security deposit?

Yes, guests may be responsible for paying up to the security deposit amount that you provide in your listing if they cause damages to your accommodation. 

To add a security deposit to your listing:

1) Go to Host at the top of the platform.

2) Select Manage Listings.

3) Select the Edit Listing button for the appropriate listing to add a security deposit.

4) Click on the Change link under step 3.

5) Go to the House Rules tab at the top of the page.

6) At the bottom of the House Rules page, there is an option to input a security deposit amount.

7) Select Save and Exit on the top right corner of the page.

Hosts have 7 days to email the Vegvisits team ( after a guest’s check-out date to report any damages. Please see our Terms of Use page for more information on security deposit collection.

16) Do you offer insurance?

It is truly amazing that so far to date, we have not had one single damage report or even a complaint coming from either a host or a guest. We are truly grateful to have build a community of kindred (yet diverse) spirits that are respectful and appreciative of each other. That being said, there is always a chance that something could happen.

Unfortunately, we do not provide any insurance for hosts at this time. We decided against offering any insurance, mainly as we thought it was unethical what many other home-sharing platforms do in this regard. They create their own policies that tend to not cover much for the host at all, but on the surface look ok, for the sole purpose to make hosts feel more comfortable. 

Fortunately, there are several insurance companies that specialize in short-term rentals, such as InsuraGuest, Obie, CBIZ and Proper which we would recommend for all hosts to look into, even those who are just on Airbnb.

Yet, many of our hosts decide not to put their place on any home-sharing platform aside from Vegvisits, feeling only comfortable with the bookings through our site by others they can really relate to and trust on a deeper level.

17) What are some things I can keep in mind to be an awesome Host?

The heart of the Vegvisits community lies in good experiences and respect amongst our members. When welcoming a guest into your home, check out our short list of things to consider for being a great host.

18) Does Vegvisits offer support and services for questions, concerns and issues that arise?

The Vegvisits team is always here for you! There are several ways to connect with us. 

1) Chat with us - Just click the green circle on the bottom right of the screen to chat with one of our team members. If we’re not around, you can still submit your message, so we can respond to you as soon as we’re back.

2) Email us - at, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, but likely much sooner.

3) Call us - If you are currently hosting or traveling, and need immediate assistance, please call us at (347) 709-6002‬. Otherwise, please email us so our phones can remain clear.

19) I’m new to hosting and am not totally comfortable yet, any input?

1) When a host receives a request to book, they decide either 1) to send an invite to the guest to book the trip, or 2) decline their request. You never have to host unless you feel totally comfortable and the timing works for you!

2) Travelers are highly encouraged to make detailed profiles, but you may receive inquiries from users who are new to the site. They may not have their user profiles filled out yet, or forgot to do it completely. If this is the case, you can send questions through our messaging system to learn more about them, as well as ask them to complete their profile.

3) The heart of the community lies in the reviews - this is what keeps everything going and makes trusting vastly easier. Read reviews for all of your potential Guests and decide whether or not you’d accept Guests with no reviews. We are still a fairly new platform, so it is highly likely you’ll be the first to leave a review for someone!

4) The one up-side of the community is that we all share a lifestyle that is very important to us all, so there’s an immediate connection. We can all feel a little more at ease knowing that we are all fellow vegetarians and vegans (or wanting to know more about it).

20) What about taxes?

There are various tax regulations in counties, states and countries throughout the world. Please review and familiarize yourself with the relevant tax obligations for your location and situation. There are various services out there that provide affordable ways of streamlining the process for you to make the hosting experience less of a hassle. We highly encourage you spend some time looking into them.

21) Can I temporarily turn off my listing?

Yes! Go to ‘Host at the top of your screen, select ‘Manage Listings’, and go to the listing you wish to turn off. On the bottom right you will see a dropdown menu that says ‘Listed. Change it to ‘Unlisted to take your listing off the site but still have it saved for later use.

22) How can I permanently delete a listing?

Go to ‘Host’ at the top of the platform, select ‘Manage Listings’ and then scroll your mouse over the top right corner of the listing you want to delete. An ‘X’ will appear - click on this and you will be given the option to permanently delete your listing from the site.

23) How can I learn more about Travelers before confirming bookings with them?

Before confirming bookings with Travelers and welcoming them into your home, take a look at their profiles to get a better sense of who they are and the kind of Guests they will be. Their profiles will share personal information about themselves, including details on their current lifestyles, hobbies, interests, and more. In addition to what they share about themselves, Travelers will also have reviews written by other Hosts they have previously stayed with, so you will be able to get a good idea of how respectful they will be as Guests. If a profile has little information about a specific Traveler who may be new to Vegvisits, you can always message them directly using our messaging system, and ask any questions that you may have before confirming a booking.

24) How can I communicate with travelers with a confirmed booking or have requested to book with me?

To communicate with all you confirmed and potential guests, go to Messages at the top of the platform and select the Hosting tab. 

All communication must take place over Vegvisits before a booking has been confirmed. Once a guest completes a booking, the host and guest will be sent a confirmation email with personal contact information of one another (email and phone number) to make it easier for everyone to get in touch.

25) What if I do not answer a booking request and it expires?


As a host you have 24 hours to approve or decline a booking request before it expires. If you were not able to answer in time, but would like to approve the trip, you can ask the guest to submit another booking request by sending a quick message through the site. To send a message:

1) Sign into

2) Go to Host at the top of the platform and select My Reservations from the dropdown menu

3) Click on the Message History link to the right of the expired booking request


Once a guest has submitted another booking request, you will have an additional 24 hours to approve the trip.

26) Can I still Host if I have children?

Of course! Some of our best Hosts are families with multiple children. Families who use Vegvisits to travel will appreciate the local knowledge of family-friendly attractions and fun activities to do with kids in the area. However, be sure to communicate with Guests and inform them about noise level or any other issues that may influence their decision to stay with you and your family. It is good to be honest and upfront about your accommodation so no problems arise later on in their stay.

27) Will users see any of my personal information?

All users on Vegvisits will be able to see your first name and general location of your accommodation. Once you confirm a booking, your Guest will receive a confirmation email that has the exact location of your accommodation as well as your phone number and email address, so you can be contacted for last minute questions and to coordinate arrival.

28) Can I Host if I have a pet?

Of course! A majority of our Guests love to stay with others who have companion animals - it makes them feel more comfortable and at home! But be sure to include this information on your listing and profile so that Guests with allergies will know to avoid your accommodation. Also, when creating your listing, we ask Hosts if their kitchen includes pet food that is non-vegetarian (under Step 2). Although we do allow vegan and vegetarian kitchens to contain non-vegetarian pet food, we require that Hosts disclose this information so Guests know ahead of time what they may see.  

29) Can I Host on Vegvisits if I am a Host on Airbnb or another home-sharing platform?

We have no problems with Vegvisits hosts also hosting on other platforms, such as Airbnb. In fact, we make it easy for hosts to do both by making it easy for hosts to sync calendars. We also have a feature where Airbnb hosts can upload their listing's reviews to Vegvisits, so everyone can see their stellar guest experiences.

However, we do require that all of our listings either have a vegan or vegetarian kitchen at the time of your Vegvisits guest's arrival and throughout their stay. For a vegetarian listing, no meat or seafood is allowed to be brought into the home. For a vegan listing, no animal food products are allowed in the home.

30) How can I sync my Airbnb calendar (and other platforms) with my Vegvisits listing?

Once you have published your listing, you can then sync your calendar with other home-sharing platforms. For the simple steps to set it up, check out our Calendar Sync page.

31) What about furniture?

Most vegan listings have vegan furniture. The furniture that vegan hosts choose to fill their homes with is often a reflection of their values and lifestyle. However, a lot of new vegans still have leather couches or perhaps some down/feather pillows, etc. They may not be in a financial position to get new furniture at this point in time. For these reasons we do not enforce vegan furniture for vegan listings, but this is most definitely a plus!

32) What about hygienic products?

Similarly as above, though not enforced, most vegan listings also carry vegan hygienic products. For hosts living a vegan lifestyle, the cosmetics that they choose to buy and have available in their home is often a reflection of their values.

Guest Questions

1) What are some things I need to do before I can start traveling?

1) Create an account - Just click Sign up at the top of the Vegvisits website, and sign up through Facebook, Google, or by email.

2) Verify your email address - Once you sign up to Vegvisits, you’ll receive an email from us to verify your address. Just click the button in the email and you’re good to go.

3) Complete your profile - As we don’t have the luxury of meeting in person, the profile is the heart and soul of the community. It is how you’ll be communicating with the community as well as your future hosts. Definitely take your time with filling it out! To edit your profile, click on the picture at the top right of, and select Edit Profile. For how to create a great profile, see #6 under General Questions above.

2) How do I use Vegvisits to travel?

Follow these 6 easy steps to traveling using Vegvisits, and email us at for additional questions!

3) Do I have to be a vegetarian to travel using Vegvisits?

While you’re traveling and using the platform, at the very least you’ll need to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle while inside of your rental space (this means no animal meat of any kind, including all animals of both land and sea!) as well as respect any other restrictions hosts include in their listings, such as keeping the space vegan.

However, we would love to see this community be a platform to support those who are veg-curious learn more about the lifestyle! So while you don’t need to be a strict vegetarian or vegan to necessarily travel on the Vegvisits platform, you just need to commit to this lifestyle and respect these rules while living in and using someone’s home. In general, please just be respectful and genuine while using the platform.

4) Do I have to pay to use Vegvisits to travel?

We’ve kept Vegvisits free for the past several years, just operating on savings from the creators, but knew we’d eventually need a way to sustain the platform. So we’ve started to take a small service fee (8-10%) at the time of booking. 

Depending on requests from our community on site improvements and other developments, a percentage of our profits each year will be donated to selected animal sanctuaries and activities to spread awareness of factory farming and the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

5) How do payments work?

Payments are made by guests online through at the time of booking. Vegvisits holds onto the payments until guest check-out time, to protect our travelers and make sure that there are not any issues with the accommodation. On the day of departure, Vegvisits pays your host.

6) How do I book an accommodation?

1) Once you find a place you want to book, enter your trip dates and select the Request to book button on the listing page.

2) Enter your trip info and personal message - the more information you give, the better the host will feel about approving your trip - and submit your booking request.

3) The host has 24 hours to respond to your request. If this is your first choice, and you do not get a response, please contact our team and we’ll see what we can do to help!

4) If your trip is approved, you will be emailed an invite to complete your booking. Select the Book Now button in the email, or go to Messages > Traveling on, and click on the relevant thread. 

5) Click the Proceed to checkout button to enter your payment information. Once your payment is submitted, your reservation will be confirmed and the itinerary along with your host contact information will be emailed to you. 

7) Can I send a booking request without reaching out to the host?

Yes, you can send a booking request without reaching out to the host first. A booking request does not confirm a reservation, but simply asks a host to approve or reject your request to book their space for your trip. Once you have been approved, you are able to complete the booking. 

8) What if the host has not answered me?

The host is probably not seeing our email notifications about new messages on Vegvisits. If this is your first choice in places to stay, just send us an email at, and we’ll do our best to connect with the host for you and let him/her know about your inquiry.

9) Can I send more than one booking request?

Yes, you can send as many as you like! If multiple hosts approve your request, just pick your top choice. You’ll have 24 hours from the time your booking request was approved by the host to submit payment and complete the booking. After the 24 hour period, your time to reserve the accommodation will expire and you’ll need to resend the booking request.

10) What do I do once a host approves a booking request?

When a host approves a booking request, you will be invited to book the trip through We’ll email you once you’ve been approved, and you can continue with the booking by selecting the Book Now button on the email, or going to Messages > Traveling and selecting the relevant message thread for the accommodation. Select the Proceed to checkout button to pay the host and finish completing your booking. You have 24 hours to reserve these dates before your invitation to book your trip expires.

11) What if my booking request was approved and my time to complete the booking has expired?

If you were not able to complete the booking in the 24 hour time period provided once the host approved your trip, then you must send another booking request. Once your host confirms that the dates are still available, you will be invited to book again and will have another 24 hours to complete the reservation.

12) What if a host does not confirm my booking request?

A host has 24 hours to approve or reject your booking request. If there is no answer, then your request will expire. We suggest you send another message to the host by going to Messages > Traveling and clicking on the relevant thread. Sometimes they just missed an email, so sending a message can help. You can also request to book the accommodation again, or search for another place.

If this is your top choice, and the host is unresponsive, we might be able to help! Contact us at and we’ll do our best to reach out to the host for you.

13) How can I get more hosts to accept my booking requests?

1) Complete your profile - Try and have your personality come out as much as possible! We do not have the benefit of meeting in person first, so give the profile your own personal flair and make it easier for hosts to get to know you before opening up their home! To edit your profile, click on your circular picture at the top right of once signed in, and select Edit Profile.

2) Add a profile picture - Hosts feel a lot more comfortable approving a trip when they can see a face. To add a picture, click on the circular picture at the top right of once signed in, select Edit Profile, and then Profile Photo on the left.

3) Add verifications - Connecting with facebook and and getting your ID verified are great ways to build up your profile and make hosts feel comfortable opening their space to you. To add verifications, click on the circular picture at the top right of once signed in, select Edit Profile, and then Trust and Verification on the left.

14) Once a host has approved my booking request, how do I complete the booking?

Once you have been approved, you will then be able to complete the booking and reserve this accommodation for your trip. Select the Book Now button in the email we send to you once you’ve been approved, or go to your Messages on and select the relevant thread pertaining to this trip. You will then see a button to Continue to checkout where you will have the ability to pay the host and confirm your reservation.

15) How can I message hosts to ask them questions about their accommodations?

To message a host about the availability and other questions related to the accommodation, click the Contact Host button located on the listing page.

16) How can I connect with hosts after I have completed a reservation?

Once you have paid for the accommodation and completed the reservation, there are two ways to connect with your host. You can either 1) Continue to exchange messages through the Vegvisits platform by going to Messages > Traveling and selecting the relevant thread, or 2) Use the email and/or phone number of the host provided in the reservation confirmation email we sent. You can also find the host contact information by going to Trips at the top of the platform.

17) What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Once you are logged into, go to Trips on the top of the platform. Find the upcoming trip that you need to cancel, and select Cancel. You will then be taken to a page to confirm your cancellation and provide your host with a message explaining your situation. You will be refunded the amount depending on your hosts cancellation policy, provided under the Cancellation section in the accommodation's listing page.

18) What if a Host cancels my reservation?

Although it hardly ever happens, there may be a situation that forces your host to have to cancel your reservation before the trip takes place. If this happens, you will be notified immediately and refunded the total amount of your trip (including additional fees such as the cleaning fee or service fee). We’ll also try and help you find another Vegvisits accommodation in the area. 

If a problem arises and the host cancels your booking after you’ve already arrived, you’ll be refunded the accommodation fee for the nights not stayed.

We take hosts cancellations very seriously, as we know what a huge inconvenience they can be to guests. Each case is investigated by our team, and hosts may have their hosting privileges revoked if it becomes a recurring issue.

19) What are some things to keep in mind to be the world’s greatest guest?

The heart and soul of the Vegvisits community lies in great experiences and respect amongst our members. When staying with someone, here are a few things to keep in mind for being a perfect guest. 

20) Will users see any of my personal information?

No personal information other than your first name will be shared with anyone using the Vegvisits platform. Only when you have confirmed a reservation will your last name, email address and phone number be shared with your host, so that he/she can get in touch with you to arrange for your arrival. 

21) Can I bring my children along with me?

We encourage you to message the host of your desired accommodation to make sure that the space is kid friendly and suits all of your family’s needs. You may also find information about whether the accommodation is suitable for infants/children under the House Rules section of the listing page. 

22) Can I bring my companion animals with me?

This entirely depends on the host’s preferences and policies. Please read the House Rules on the listing for any information the host gives about bringing pets into the space. However, you should always double check with the host before booking an accommodation if you are planning to travel with your companion animal, whether they explicitly state their pet policies or not.

23) Will I have privacy staying with a Vegvisits host?

The beauty of the Vegvisits community is the diversity and flexibility of the experiences! First, you can rent entire homes, detached spaces, private rooms, shared rooms, or anything in between that members of our community come up with! Second, you’ll have the opportunity to express any concerns or questions before sending a booking request to your Host. In short, you should definitely have your privacy if you’d prefer it! Third, hosts want you to have a great experience. They understand that everyone is different and some guests may not want to interact as much as others. Some may want to talk, eat or prepare meals together; others may not be around or prefer not to chat – either way, it’s all good!

24) What if I notice something questionable during my stay, such as meat in the refrigerator or other animal products in the kitchen when they’ve listed their space as vegan?

While it is extremely rare, there is a possibility for things like this to happen and it would be very unfortunate.

1) First off, the heart and soul of the community lies in the reviews. Be as honest as possible for the sake of the community and future guests who may find themselves in that situation. We understand people can struggle changing an entire lifetime of eating habits, but our hosts are held to higher standards as they’re opening up their homes, and trust is so important to this community.

2) Secondly, you can email us at and we’ll be sure to contact the host as well.

3) Thirdly, if you no longer feel comfortable staying with the host in the event you guys can’t resolve the issue, you can cancel your reservation for a partial refund depending on your hosts cancellation policy.

25) Can I create more than one account?

No. In order to maintain the trusting atmosphere of the community, you’ll only be able to create one account.

Have more questions? Email us at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!