6 Tips For Presenting Your Space

Photos help guests visualize staying with you, and the more you have, the greater the excitement people will have to browse them, and the more time they will spend with your listing. Get detailed, share as much as you can, and give potential guests a great idea of what your space is really like.

1. The essentials – Always make sure to include a picture of where your guest will eat and sleep. This makes it easier for guest to visualize staying with you, and helps to set the expectations of what it would be like.

2. Make things tidy - Simple things - like folding towels, making beds, picking stuff off the floor, and removing clutter - will make your place look more spacious and welcoming.

3. Brighten up your space - A well-lit room makes a huge difference in how your space looks in a photo! It brings out natural depth, color and contrast in a setting. Before you take the picture, make sure to get as much natural light into the room as possible, and turn on all your lights too.

4. Stand in the corner - Shooting your photos from a corner is the best way to show a wide perspective of your space, otherwise the space usually seems smaller than in real life.

5. What sets you apart - Does your place have a beautiful garden? Fruit trees? A jaw-dropping view? A balcony or patio? Maybe you provide an amazing vegan breakfast or nutrition counseling. Let guests know with photos. All these things set your place apart from places that don’t have them, so show it off with some pictures!

6. Your neighborhood - It’s important not to forget your surroundings too! Take pictures of the beaches, hiking trails, farmers markets, vegan/vegetarian restaurants, local attractions, etc. by you, and get potential guests psyched about visiting your area!