Being a great Vegvisits guest

Our locals keep this community alive by giving us places to stay around the world, so we can all feel at home anywhere we travel. Here's a few things to keep in mind as a guest in someone's home, so it's a great experience for them as well as for you!

1) A home is a very personal space and this may be their primary residence. Please be mindful and respectful of them opening it up to you!

2) House rules. Take a look at the things they specifically call out on their listing before your trip so you make sure to follow them.

3) Cleanliness. Imagine your own home and how you'd like people to treat it. Pick up after yourself and show your gratitude to your host by keeping things extra clean. Many hosts may not want you to wear shoes in the house as well, so please try and be open-minded, flexible and respectful!

4) Noise level. Be mindful of when your host goes to bed or wakes up.

5) Be very respectful of your Host's dietary preferences. Meat is never allowed in this community, but we have many vegan hosts as well! As a Vegvisits rule, you cannot bring animal products into a vegan accommodation.

6) Communicate well. Whether it be that your plans have changed, you have to arrive later than scheduled or anything that could be relevant to your host - be sure to let them know and stay in touch!

7) Often times people host on Vegvisits to connect with like-minded people, though they may not want to intrude on your travel plans. If you have extra time, don't hesitate to let them know!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you HAVE FUN!